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Partner with ebpCENTRAL to offer your members a custom online e-Learning Academy for their continuing education needs.  


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A Different Approach

Limited budgets and resources force healthcare providers to be selective on their continuing education spending – and many are spending their dollars on more affordable online training.

Let us help your organization drive additional revenue by offering online continuing education. We’re confident that, together, we can create a high-quality learning management system to educate your members, offer CEUs, and put more money into your organization’s pocket.

Quality Continuing Education

With over 20+ years of experience in healthcare education and training, we can help your organization create top-notch content that will engage and inform your learners. 

High-quality online learning management systems that are user-friendly and compliant with accrediting bodies drive learners to continue to spend their continuing education dollars with your organization – benefiting the profession and not a for-profit organization.

Year-Round Revenue

Online continuing education guarantees your organization additional revenue throughout the year – not just during annual conferences and meetings. By offering an expanded amount of continuing education, you’ll keep your dollars coming towards your organization instead of sending your clinicians to other companies to cash-in on your membership.

We also pride ourselves in offering the highest percentage of commission on courses sold.